Antoinette Marchese Clancy School of Nursing

Antoinette Marchese Clancy School of Nursing

FAQ - Nursing

How do I get started?

  • Review the Admission Requirements Policies and Procedures for the Nursing Program
  • Attend a required information session. You can do this by registering online or by calling Admissions at  585-343-0055 x6159.

Once I meet the pre-requisites, how do I apply?

Once you have met the requirements to be considered for admission and you have attended a mandatory information session, in addition to submitting all necessary transcripts you must also file a Nursing Program Change Request Form, which is available in Admissions. Please note: if you are not a current GCC student you must also complete an application to the college which can be done online.

Once I apply, when will I hear if I have been accepted or not?

Deadlines for application are February 1st for Fall term admission and September 1st for Spring term admission.

Notification of decision will be sent via mail on or before October 1st for Spring term admission and March 15th for Fall term admission.

How many students do you admit? Do you admit once or twice a year?

We admit approximately 70-75 students in August and again in January.

Do you have a waiting list and how long is it?

We keep a waiting list every semester which does not carry over between semesters. If you are on the waiting list for a particular semester and are not accepted, you must reapply for the following semester.

I have class credit from another college, will it transfer?

General education and science courses (such as English) from a community college or university usually transfer.  Some courses, however, may not be equivalent. Each transcript is looked at individually to determine what courses will transfer.

I went to another nursing school and would like to transfer to GCC. Does this mean I am starting over?

If you left in good standing (passing), you would need to meet all of the requirements prior to the semester in which you would like to enter. You must submit transcripts and all nursing course syllabi before a decision can be made as to where you would place in our program.

Most importantly, acceptance of transfer students is on a space-available basis. Unfortunately, GCC does not accept students who failed a nursing course in another program.

What expenses are associated with the program (besides tuition)?

You will have to purchase a uniform, lab supplies, a PDA and software, and required textbooks. Prices will be reviewed in information sessions and orientation classes for accepted students before the semester begins.

Can I take my classes at a Campus Center?

Pre-requisites and support courses are available at some campus centers. All nursing courses and nursing labs are at the Batavia campus.

Do you have Nursing classes in the evening or over the summer?

You can take pre-requisite and support courses in the summer, but Nursing courses are only offered in the fall and spring.

Some classes and clinical rotations meet in the afternoon or evening.

Where can I go for clinical experience?

We have clinical sites all over the Western New York area such as Batavia, Rochester and Buffalo as well as between these major locations. While we do try to assign students within a reasonable distance from their homes, it is not always possible due to needed patient populations for clinical experience.

How many students are in a hospital group?

Each hospital group has one instructor and an average of 8 students.