HyFlex Learning Option

What is HyFlex?

A HyFlex course is a course that allows each individual student to choose whether they attend class in person in the classroom, through web-conferencing into the live classroom, or online at their own time.

Students can choose the way they attend each class – for example, go to the first class meeting in the classroom, attend the second class meeting from home through video-conferencing, and work on materials for the third class meeting online on their own time.

This is what makes the course flexible – you can choose how you attend the course:

  • Student is free to choose delivery mode that fits their preference and schedule.
  • Students are not required to attend any class meetings in person.
  • All Assignments will be available online.

Student Responsibilities in HyFlex Courses:

  • Read the entire syllabus and know the policies for each class in which you are enrolled – pay attention to deadlines and due dates!
  • If you choose to video-conference in to the class, make sure your computer set-up is ready for it – webcam, microphone, high-speed internet.
  • Check the Course Calendar, Announcements, and Messages (e-mail) systems in Blackboard on a regular basis (at least 2-3 times per week).
  • Keep current on class recordings, if not attending the live class (either in person or online).
  • Keep current with all course assignments, quizzes, and examinations.
  • If your course uses proctored exams be sure you plan this out early in the semester.
  • Ask questions and communicate with the instructor.
  • Remember that the greater degree of online learning you choose means that you also assume greater responsibility for your own learning outcomes. Complete the online Readiness Assessment to determine if you are a good candidate for a technology-based educational delivery system.
  • Questions? Email: HyFlex@genesee.edu