Board of Directors Committees

Alumni Council

Robert J. Bennett, Distinguished Representative

  • Identifies the needs and interests of College alumni.
  • Plans alumni programs and activities.
  • Plans alumni fund raising initiatives.

Fund Development Committee

Robert L. Boyce, Chair

  • Plans and oversees Foundation fund raising activities.
  • Sets campaign goals.
  • Identifies and enlists volunteer fund raising leadership.

Finance & Audit Committee

Brian Daviau, Chair and Treasurer

  • Prepares and monitors the annual budget.
  • Oversees the annual audit.
  • Reviews and approves professional contracts.
  • Monitors short- and long-term investments.

Board Development Committee

Roger F. Christiano, Chair

  • Identifies prospective members of the Board of Directors.
  • Nominates officers and directors.
  • Orients new board and committee members to the Foundation's work.

Stewardship Committee

Susan J. Blanchard, Chair

  • Reviews and recommends grant requests and fund opportunities.
  • Monitors grant allocations.
  • Reports grant information and news to donors.
  • Recognizes donors for their support.

Risk Management Committee

Mary C. Raymond, Chair

  • Analyzes risk and oversees risk management policies.
  • Evaluates new programs and activities.

Strategic Planning Committee

John Dwyer, Chair

  • Sets and reviews foundation goals and progress.

Genesee Community College Foundation Housing Services, Inc.

Norbert J. Fuest, President

  • Not-for-profit affiliate corporation of the Foundation.
  • It holds and manages real estate on behalf of the Foundation and the College.
  • Currently holds title to College Village, a student housing project, and oversees the financing and management of College Village.