Strategic Priorities & Core Objectives

1. Student Support & Success

Commit to the success of every student; provide programs and services designed to assist our diverse student body in achieving individual educational goals.

  • Teacher and student in classCore Objective 1: Support students in their development and achievement of individual educational goals.
  • Core Objective 2: Support student progress rates at all segments of the college career.
  • Core Objective 3: Support academic progress of students needing developmental support.
  • Core Objective 4: Improve successful outcomes (completion, transfer, and/or employment) for full-time and part-time cohorts.

2. Teaching & Learning

Provide dynamic educational experiences that afford all members of the college community flexible opportunities to meet their career, educational, and personal enrichment goals.

  • Teacher in front of class writing on whiteboardCore Objective 1: Develop an inclusive teaching and learning-centered environment that fosters student success and attainment of Institutional Learning Outcomes. 
  • Core Objective 2: Support faculty and staff development toward creating an environment of pedagogical and andragogical excellence.
  • Core Objective 3: Continue meaningful, cyclical assessment of courses and programs to ensure relevance, quality, and compliance.
  • Core Objective 4: Expand student opportunities to apply learning beyond the classroom environment (e.g. internships, community service, cooperative learning, etc.)
  • Core Objective 5: Expand student learning opportunities that reduce or eliminate time and place restrictions.

3. Diversity & Inclusive Excellence

Cultivate a community that fosters respect and appreciation for individual and group differences. Demonstrate our commitment to the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout all endeavors.

  • Students at orientation with beachballCore Objective 1: Increase recruitment, retention, and completion of underrepresented student populations.
  • Core Objective 2: Create opportunities to help students develop competencies associated with equity, diversity, and inclusion within courses, certificates, and/or degree programs.
  • Core Objective 3: Expand co-curricular and student life opportunities that will foster interactions to help students develop competencies associated with diversity, inclusion, global citizenship, social justice, equity, and community fairness.
  • Core Objective 4: Increase employment and retention of underrepresented populations.
  • Core Objective 5: Enhance the cultural awareness, skills, and competencies of employees.

4. Fiscal, Operational & Infrastructure Sustainability

Maintain efficient, effective operations; identify and pursue new or additional sources of revenue and financial support; monitor and improve campus infrastructure; foster a safe environment.

  • GCC sign with flowers surroundingCore Objective 1: Pursue opportunities to increase sources of revenue.
  • Core Objective 2: Continue offering competitive tuition and fee rates within the Western New York region and beyond.
  • Core Objective 3: Act as good stewards of college resources and maintain accountability to stakeholders and partners.
  • Core Objective 4: Develop and implement strategic initiatives in support of economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable goals.
  • Core Objective 5: Align and execute all institutional master plans (facilities, technology, etc.) in conjunction with the College’s Strategic Plan.

5. Campus & Community Engagement

Create an open and transparent, trust-based environment that inspires creativity and innovation. Cultivate and foster meaningful relationships with community partners.

  • Ag students standing in front of a tractorCore Objective 1: Broaden and refine communication channels to promote institutional transparency, collaboration, and effectiveness. 
  • Core Objective 2: Provide and support faculty and staff with opportunities to contribute to the college community and the GLOW region.
  • Core Objective 3: Support the emotional, physical, and social wellness of our students, faculty and staff.
  • Core Objective 4: Enrich the local workforce by increasing collaboration with key employment sectors and offering programs to address gaps in the employment skills throughout the community.
  • Core Objective 5: Strengthen synergies from community partnerships and legislative advocacy efforts in ways that support our mission and values.Framing Our Future Logo