2018 – 2023 Strategic Planning Initiative

The 2017/18 academic year coincides with the final year of Genesee Community College’s 2013 – 2018 “Success through Collaboration” Strategic Plan. Beginning in the fall of 2017, GCC embarked on creating its new strategic plan that will identify institutional priorities for 2018 – 2023. 

“The strategic planning process offers the college community the opportunity to revisit, re-envision, and reaffirm the way we help our students and our organization achieve success. With the many challenges facing higher education and the diverse students seeking a quality postsecondary experience, I firmly believe that our next strategic plan will be pivotal in guiding the college to the future,” said College President James Sunser.

Dr. Sunser named Professor and Program Director of Social Sciences Tim Tomczak and Dean of Distributed Learning Craig Lamb Ph.D. to serve as co-chairs of the strategic planning efforts. They will work with a steering committee composed of faculty, administrators, students, staff, and community partners to assess progress made on the college’s previous strategic plan and to identify new strategic priorities for the coming years. The strategic planning steering committee will conclude its work in the latter part of the spring.


An essential part of the strategic planning process is gathering information from the community and help ensure the College serves the primary needs of the GLOW region.

Thoughts, feedback, and suggestions from the college community and the general public are welcomed as part of the strategic planning process. Your feedback can be shared by emailing StrategicPlanning@genesee.edu or by completing the (anonymous) form below.


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