Emergency Closing & Class Cancellation Procedures

If Classes are Cancelled
If College is Closed
Resources for Information

If Classes are Cancelled:

In general, the College keeps its facilities, offices, and operations open and functioning whenever practicable. The fact that classes may be cancelled by the College or by a Campus Center does not affect the responsibility of the employee to come to work. For those instances when only classes are cancelled:

  • The College is considered open and all non-teaching personnel are expected to report to work.
  • If an employee feels the risk is too great, he/she may contact his/her supervisor and take a personal or vacation day or use comp time.

If College is Closed:

The College will be fully closed only in the event of natural disasters, travel bans, loss of power, and serious and widespread threats to the well being of the employees. In the event that the College, or any of its campus locations*, is officially closed, employees will account for their time as follows:

  • Employees who have already reported to work before the official closing will report that they "worked" the full day.
  • Employees who have not reported to work before the official closing will report "personal" leave, "vacation," or "comp time" for the time prior to the official closing, and "excused/other" for the time following the official closing.
  • Employees whose scheduled workday begins after the College has been closed will report "excused/other" for the workday.
  • Employees who have reported to work, but choose to leave before the official closing, will report "personal," "vacation," or "comp time" leave for the time between the hours they have worked and the official closing.
  • In the event that the county in which an employee resides declares an official "State of Emergency" involving a travel ban for all but emergency vehicles, employees who reside in that county will report "excused/other" for the duration of the State of Emergency. The employee who is affected by this occurrence must provide information about the date(s) and time(s) of the State of Emergency and a telephone number for verification if necessary.

*Because of differing circumstances at each of the Campus Centers, each Associate Dean can make separate determinations about officially closing each Center. Employees at all College locations will report work hours in keeping with the guidelines above.

Resources for Information:

Employees should utilize the following sources to obtain information about the status of College operations during inclement weather or possible emergency situations:

Note: In cases where there is no electricity or telephone service, please utilize the media below for information.

Emergency Closing Information:

Genesee Community College emergency closing information will be announced on the following TV and radio stations:

WGRZ TV Channel 2 Buffalo WHAM TV Channel 13 Rochester
WKSE FM (98.5) Buffalo The FOX FM (95.1) Rochester
WKSE FM (98.5) Buffalo The Drive FM (100.5) Rochester
WTSS FM (102.5) Buffalo Sunny FM (102.3) Rochester
WGR AM (550) Buffalo KISS FM (106.7) Rochester
WBEN AM (930) Buffalo Snap FM (107.3) Rochester
  WHAM AM (1180) Rochester
  Hot Talk AM (1280) Rochester
WBTA AM (1490) Batavia  
WDNY AM (1400) Dansville WSPQ AM (1330) Springville
WYSL AM (1040) Livonia WCJW AM (1140) Warsaw