Computer Services

Genesee Community College prides itself on having some of the most leading edge technology available for our students.

The Board of Trustees and the President have had the vision to ensure that GCC stays in the forefront of technology and have followed through to make that happen.

GCC continually receives high marks from students on the surveys they fill out when it comes to the technology use and availability on all of our campus sites. In fact, in the 2010 SUNY Student Opinion Survey (SOS), the students rated Computer Support Services, Internet Access, and Availability of Computers higher than ever before! GCC ranked # 1 across ALL SUNY community colleges in Computer Support Services and Internet access (including wireless).

Technology at the College is centralized into one area - Computer Services. Within the one department, there are many areas that Computer Services works in and has responsibility for:

  • Network - This is all of the 'behind the scenes' support that, hopefully, you will never be aware of. The servers and network - and the people that run them - are what allow you to log into services, connect to the Internet and access information you may need. This includes both the wired access that is in computer labs, classrooms and offices and the wireless network that is available on each campus. This includes all of the hardware, software, and cables that carry your data within the Local Area Network (LAN), which is within all of GCC's campus sites. When you click on an application such as GenESIS or Blackboard, the data from your login ID and password, to the work you are doing in the applications, move through miles of cables in the ceilings, walls, and closets to the correct pieces of hardware that then allow it to go to the correct machines that hold the data or applications themselves. The network machines and software also control your data trying to leave the LAN to get to the Wide Area Network (WAN or anyplace outside of the LAN) - think of using the Internet or email to send a message to someone outside of GCC. It also controls all of the data trying to come into GCC's LAN. This keeps our LAN, equipment, and data safe and secure.
  • Telecommunications - this includes all of the hardware, software, and cabling that provide for your vocal communication needs. The college has installed Voice over IP at some of the campus centers, allowing us to deliver phone calls over the computer network.
  • Server Administration - a server is like a big PC. They are used to do all types of tasks or just to hold all of that data you generate from all of the applications you use or emails you compose. Some of the tasks they do are to make sure that you can print and print to the correct printer, process your emails, allow you access to specific applications such as Blackboard or GenESIS. In fact, some of the servers just house the applications and rules for these applications. A System Administrator builds and maintains the servers. Just like your PC, each server has an Operating System (OS) that runs the machine and tells it what it can and cannot do and when to allow each task to have a turn at what you want it to do. The OS and the applications frequently have to be patched or upgraded with "bug" fixes or new enhancements.
  • Desktop Support - this includes support for PC/Macs/Printers/Classrooms - The College provides staff and faculty with a PC and/or Mac to do their College-related work. The College has over 20 labs and/or classrooms with multiple PCs or Macs for student use. The Desktop Support team keeps all of these up-to-date with all of the applications that the instructors need for their classes and to keep them maintained with upgrades and patches. The Desktop team also provides first level maintenance and support for all of the printers at all of the campus sites. The College is proud to have leading edge technology available for our students and faculty to use on its classrooms; over 90% of all classrooms and computer labs (in all 7 campus locations) are smart classrooms.
  • College Web support - the college web site (www.genesee.edu) is the heart of all of the college's technology - it  holds information about the college, provides what you need to know for your college experience and, with one URL, provides linkages to all other college services. This is where you will find out about all of the things that the College has to offer: classes, how to apply (Applying to Genesee is both free and easy!), what financial aid is available and how to apply for it, the clubs that you can join, what housing is available, all about the sports available at the College, the latest news that is happening on an around the College, etc. Keeping the system working properly and keeping the links and information found on the web site is a critical task that Computer Services takes seriously.
  • College Portal (GenESIS) - GenESIS is an avenue into the inner areas of the College or its Intranet. One needs a single ID and password to gain access to this area. From within GenESIS, you will do all of your major tasks. This is where you will find classes that are available, the times they meet and the books required for each, register for classes, and see your grades, etc. Faculty access class lists, information about advisees and submits grades. From this area you will also gain access to your course work which is housed in our Course Management System, Blackboard.
  • Instructional Support - Genesee is proud of the level of technology faculty use routinely as part of instruction. The Instructional Support staff assist faculty in learning new technology skills to use in Smart classrooms, with Blackboard and on the web. The staff in this area are practitioners, teaching sections regularly for the college and fully understand how technology is melded with content to meet the needs of the students.
  • Student Computer Lab support - there are over 20 computers labs available throughout all of the College campus sites for our students to use for their College-related tasks. Some of the large labs require continual support and therefore have a dedicated resource assigned to make sure that everything is working smoothly in these labs.
  • Programming support for the Administrative Offices - the major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool that is used by the College for its Administrative record-keeping is called Banner. This tool is very large and complex and requires constant support for its upkeep. The programmers in this area support all of the technical needs of the administrative offices in regard to using Banner and the related applications and tools that are intertwined with it.
  • Help Desk services - Call the Help Desk if you experience technical issues with College-related applications such as email, Blackboard, GenESIS, and Banner. There is a full Help Desk web site at http://hd.genesee.edu/ with information you can use to help answer some of your own questions. For questions that aren't answered there, you can call the Help Desk directly 866-614-5004 (toll free, 24x7) or from a campus phone extension 6227.
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