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Fall 2020 Semester Departure Plan

SUNY Genesee Community College

Fall 2020 Semester Departure Plan

Revised November 6, 2020


SUNY GCC continues to be vigilant in our efforts to proactively prevent the presence or spread of COVID-19 on our campus and within our campus community. Upon restarting our Fall 2020 campus operations in August, we quickly moved to implement the required SUNY pooled surveillance testing protocols and have been conducting pooled saliva tests on our students and employees since late September 2020. To date, as of the submission of this plan, our testing has not yet resulted in a positive pool sample, evidence that our campus community is taking the threat of this virus seriously, consistently following all guidelines, and thus, placing the health and safety of one another above all else. Campus leadership continues to work diligently to stay ahead of this public health threat. Below are plans for review regarding the safe conclusion of our 2020 Fall semester.

Fall Semester Departure Plan:

Any in-person instruction currently taking place on campus will conclude by Thanksgiving, with the final class taking place November 25th, before shifting to remote learning following the holiday. In order to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus when leaving campus, any departing student who has been on campus for in-person instruction or to use campus facilities during the Fall 2020 semester, even if said students do not reside on campus who will leave campus upon the conclusion of the Fall semester will be tested within ten days of departure. The dates of the testing will be each day November 16-20, November 23rd, and 24th. Testing will be conducted using our existing pooled surveillance testing team, with required compliance for all departing students. A negative test result must be achieved by resident students prior to departing from campus. Any resident students testing positive will be required to isolate in the assigned isolation space within College Village residence halls for fourteen days, and until such time when a negative test result is achieved, before departing. GCC maintains close contact with its county and local health authorities, and they are aware that we are prepared to isolate individuals if necessary on our campus.

Students who fail to comply with departure testing will be subject to mandatory communication with the Dean of Students Office to explain why departure occurred without a test. This communication will serve as a formal written warning, will be documented in our conduct system, and a subsequent occurrence will result in the student being restricted to remote coursework without access to campus until a pooled test or diagnostic test has been completed.

Exceptions. The following students may be exempted from the mandatory testing required in the previous paragraph:

· Non-residential students not taking any classes on campus nor utilizing any in-person campus services (e.g. library, gym, dining)—i.e. fully remote students.

· Students providing documentation to the campus of a COVID-19 diagnostic result within the 10-day period.

· Students providing documentation to the campus of a previous positive COVID19 diagnostic result.

Faculty and staff departing campus for the winter break will be strongly encouraged to participate in testing prior to departure.

Population-Specific Additional Testing Protocols:

Rules regarding population-specific testing are fluid and are continually updated to ensure compliance. We expect a small portion of our students to stay on campus during the break. We will continue our weekly pooled surveillance testing for all students who remain with us through the break. All other aspects of campus life through winter break will be managed as it is now by our residence life and student services staff.

Students and employees who have traveled to an area restricted by the New York State travel advisory orders will be required to follow the state guidelines in place at the time of their return. Resident students must self-isolate for a period of seven days before returning to their campus residences, as well as an additional seven days upon arrival to their campus residences. For all other populations, previously submitted plans for asymptomatic pooled surveillance testing, and symptomatic testing protocols, shall continue to apply.

Returning for Winter and Spring Terms:

Consistent with the latest guidance, plans for Winter and Spring Terms will be submitted as a separate document prior to December 10, 2020.