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Free Self-Paced Tutorial Courses - Available for a limited time!


The BEST Center, in partnership with Ed2Go, is offering 10 FREE Self-Paced Tutorial (SPT) courses! We believe that having the right skills and knowing how to utilize them is vital for jobseekers and those currently employed, both during and after this unprecedented time.

Across the country, students, staff and academic leaders are rapidly adjusting to new realities of working and learning remotely. We hope that you can leverage these courses to help enter the workforce, advance your career or use this as a professional development opportunity to gain valuable workplace skills.

Web Design Courses

Web design and development remain among the most in-demand skills among employers, freelance clients and entrepreneurs. They are ideal for many remote work positions as the work can be done and supervised online through Web-based tools.

Digital Marketing Courses

As e-commerce and remote delivery of services grow due to social distancing restrictions, many businesses are discovering the importance of strong online marketing. A solid online presence and flexibility around digital solutions are key to success during the quarantine period and beyond.

Business and Organizational Management Courses

One important aspect of succeeding remotely is managing a distributed workforce. Managers adapting to this new challenge are finding that a return to managerial fundamentals like communication, customer service and team leadership can be invaluable.

Personal and Professional Development Courses

A time of crisis gives us the opportunity to grow in the face of adversity. Personal development courses can provide a framework for introspection and mindfulness as well as new and healthier lifestyles.