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NEW! Precision Ag Workshop: Committing to Connectivity

This workshop will address prevalent precision-agriculture management topics. Speakers will discuss the hesitation of investing in precision technologies, the pitfalls and the benefits of committing to new program management. Learn how to get started, what questions to ask and best practices for keeping up to date on rapidly changing technology.

  • “Prove It Works in My Fields” Mark Mancari, Perry Central School
  • “The Science of Where: Exploring the Power of Location in a Modern Agriculture Management System" Kevin Keenan, GROWMARK FS, LLC
  • “ Getting Started – How Your Dealer Can Help” Aaron Miller, Miller Spraying Service
  • “Can I Trust the Data?” Rick Bair, Seldon and Stokoe Sons, Inc.
  • “Keeping It All Connected” John Mizro, Field Crop Consultant ACS, and Andy Hourigan Hourigan Family Dairy
  • "Precision Decisions” Allan Baucom, Owner, Baucom Family Farms

Keynote Speaker Allan Baucom was born and raised on his family’s 100-acre row crop and livestock operation in Monroe, North Carolina. The farm itself dates back to 1901 when Baucom’s grandparents established their homestead in northern Union County. Since then, A.L. Baucom Family Farms has experienced tremendous growth on many levels. Today, Baucom and his staff farm over 14,000 acres annually throughout the Carolinas. Current crops include corn, cotton, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, strawberries, and vegetables. Many consider Baucom and early adopter of precision agriculture with his first variable-rate fertilizer application logged over 20 years ago. Technology plays a heavy role in all aspects of the operation, from soil nutrient management and machine controls to monitoring grain quality in its 750,000-bushel storage facility. A seasoned entrepreneur, Baucom owns and manages eight affiliated companies collectively known as “The Baucom Group” which provide over 100 jobs in the agriculture and heavy-transport service industries. One of the newest organizations, Falcon Soil Technologies Group LLC, is dedicated to improving the way growers sample soils by way of the company’s patented Falcon Automated Soil Sampler system.

Course Information

Fee $49, includes lunch
GCC Batavia Campus
Room T102
1 Session
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
REGISTER by February 14th!