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Drones (sUAS-small Unmanned Aerial Systems)


Introduction to sUAS (Drones) / Learn to Fly
(sUAS - Small Unmanned Aerial Systems)

If you're new to drone piloting, this 12-hour Intro to sUAS/Learn to Fly course will give you all of the vital skills and information you need to start piloting drones safely and legally. The comprehensive, 12-hour course is designed to provide thorough instruction on drone systems, use applications, legal issues, maintenance and FAA and safety best practices. The course includes a workbook, a quadcopter and a computer flight simulator with radio controller. The drone is the Syma X5C Explorer Quadcopter with HD camera. (Everyone learns to fly on this model.) Upon completion, a certificate will be awarded to each participant (not an FAA certification). If you have one, please bring a laptop computer to download software.


Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Prep

To legally operate a drone for any business purpose, FAA regulations now require remote pilot certification. This course prepares you to successfully pass the comprehensive FAA knowledge test, which includes general aviation topics in addition to drone-specific information. Topics covered include regulations, airspace, weather, loading performance and operations. The course fee includes a workbook, 50 FAA sample test questions and six hours of instruction. Certification testing must be administered at an authorized FAA Knowledge Testing Center and is NOT included in the course fee.