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Safety training can be offered for your staff, at your site.  Trainers will customize each course and offer training using the equipment that your staff encounters on a daily basis.  Minimum class size is 5 participants.  Grant funding is available through the Department of Labor and SUNY.  The applications are submitted once each year, so watch our grants page for additional information on funding requirements and procedures.

If you don't have enough participants to meet the minimum course requirement, we may run limited courses at our main campus.  Not all courses are eligible to be offered off-site.  For example, forklift training must be provided using the equipment that a participant is certified to operate.  Therefore, forklift training will never be provided in an open enrollment format.

If you have any questions about safety training for your organization or if you need a course for a limited number of participants, please contact Nita Lewis at 585-343-0055 ext. 6484.