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360 Degree Learning Option

360 Degree Learning Option

The BEST Center is pleased to introduce our 360 Degree Learning Option model. This model is a technological innovation developed as a new instructional delivery technique which will enable participants to learn anytime, anywhere or on any device, for any course.

The current trend in computer systems and network technologies is to allow participants to "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD), allowing participants to leverage the current and available technology in a flexible learning environment.

Through the 360 Degree Learning Model, The BEST Center's trainers will be able to deliver two-way, interactive instruction to participants in either the classroom or online, through their personal computers, laptops, iPads, iPods and other smart communication devices. This instructional delivery model will provide an affordable opportunity for both employees and participants.

Content Delivery

Courses delivered with the 360 Degree Learning Option model may be offered by the trainer in either a personal setting, a computer lab or a campus classroom. With the addition of a microphone and camera, coupled with online real-time videoconferencing provided by WebEx, students can also attend via any electronic platform supported by WebEx.

WebEx technology allows us to teach, collaborate, present and share content over the Internet. Instruction is delivered face-to-face with HD video conferencing tools. The trainer can share his/her entire desktop, specific documents or applications, with everyone attending class in-person and in the e-classroom environment. Online participants can also give "remote control" to the instructor or other students for demonstration purposes. Remote students can raise their hands and participate in discussions and answer questions just as if they were physically sitting in the classroom.

Customized Contract Training for Your Business

The BEST Center is able to customize any of your businesses' training needs. With the flexibility to hold a training event through our 360 degree learning option, we are open to meeting the needs of your business. Rolling out the 360 Learning Option will open many doors for potential ways to best suit your training needs. For example, whether you have employees in another location who cannot physically make the training and its location, or for cost-saving purposes, you can simply have your employees attend the training from their work-stations while our exceptional trainer(s) guide them through their online, real-time training over WebEx. Contact John McGowan, Director, at 585-345-6868 to coordinate your businesses' training needs.

Tomorrow's Technology Here Today

The BEST Center is committed to providing the highest level of instruction to all participants in any of our courses or trainings provided no matter where they are physically located. As technology changes, GCC and The BEST Center will be the first to adopt new technology in order to continuously provide the highest level of instruction to all students.

In the future, some of our most highly regarded open-enrollment courses will be offered through the 360 Degree Learning environment. For more information, please contact us at 585-345-6868.