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College Village Housing rates for the 2015–2016 Academic Year (per semester):

Double Room $3100
Single Room $3800

If a student vacates a Unit prior to the end of the stated Term of the License Agreement for any reason, including, but not limited to withdrawal from the College, the student shall remain obligated to pay his/her housing fees for the entire stated Term of the Agreement.  In addition if this Agreement is terminated because of the student's failure to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement, including the failure to make satisfactory academic progress or maintain enrollment, the student will continue to be responsible for all housing fees due under the License Agreement or as a consequence of the License Agreement for the entire Original Term.

With the consent of College Village, the License Agreement may be terminated by a student at the end of the fall academic session due to graduation, study abroad, internship, Washington Program, academic dismissal, withdrawal from GCC, transfer of schools, or military service.  There will be no additional housing fees assessed as long as the resident notifies the office of College Village by December 1st in writing.  Supporting documentation will be required to verify these circumstances. 

As stated in the College Village License Agreement, request for early release from College Village for reasons other than (as stated above) are subject to College Village's sole discretion and are granted only under rare and extenuating circumstances.  The student must show just cause for termination and provide College Village with satisfactory supporting documentation.  The Agreement will not be terminated for the purpose of allowing the student to live off campus or commute from home.  In order that all petitions may be reviewed prior to the start of the spring academic session, the deadline to request an early release is December 1st.  Charges will continue to accrue during the review process.  Procedural instructions may be secured from the CV office.