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Rural Police Training Academy


Applications are now being emailed for Class #34 beginning in April 2022. If interested, please email RPTA Director Brooks at and ask that an application packet be sent to you for the 2022 Academy. Your email should include your name, phone number and  preferred email.  Seats are limited!

General Information

  • Since 1985, the RPTA has accepted recruits from the entire area of Western New York
  • The RPTA offers a yearly basic course for police and pre-employment recruits, which lasts from early April to the following early March, with classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:30 pm-10:30 pm) and Saturdays from
    8:00 am-5:00 pm as well as a number of Wednesdays throughout the year.
  • In addition, the RPTA offers various police in-service courses throughout the year, many of which are in cooperation with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.
  • Physical agility testing is required for enrollment and will be scheduled in the weeks prior to the start of the Academy.

Two Ways to Enroll: Sworn or Pre-Employment

Sworn Officer

  • Hired prior to enrollment in the RPTA, registered as a Police Officer with DCJS in Albany
  • Suggested ages are 21-35, but check with your County Civil Service Office for details
  • Full or Part Time Officers accepted, some departments accept Part Time Officers who are over 35 years of age
  • Many Officers start as Part Time in a smaller Department and then work into Full Time status either there or with another larger Department.

Pre-Employment Option

  • Must be at least 19 to enroll, no maximum age limit
  • No felony convictions
  • If you are looking to work in law rnforcement, no criminal convictions
  • Background Investigation required
  • Physically able to participate in all fitness and defensive tactics training

College Credit Option

RPTA offers recurits an opportunity to earn college credits throuh the Academy, at no additional cost.  Sworn recurites are eligible to earn up to 22 college credits, while pre-employment recruits are eligible to earn up to 16 credist primarily in Criminal Justice.

No additional fees are required, but full tution payment is required prior to the strart of the academy.  Enrollment in the college credit option must be completed with the academy application. Recruits selecting the College Credit Option may, if applicable, apply for TAP, PELL or student .oans. Please NOTE: Full tuition payment must be made prior to the start of the academy. Deferments for anticipated State, Federal or loan funds are not permitted. For any financial aid questions, please call the Financial Aid office at 585-343-0055 ext 6480.

Veterans Benefits

The RPTA Basic Course for Police is a registered program providing veterans or entitled dependents, an opportunity to receive educational benefits. Application for benefits must be made to the College's Financial Aid Office when applying to the academy. Please NOTE: Tuition deferments for anticipated Veterans Benefits are not permitted.


Tuition for the 2022-2023 academy is $4,450*. A $450, non-refundable fee must accompany your academy application. The balance, $4,000 is payable in full by April 1, 2022. *Subject to change for 2023-2024.

All recruits are responsible for uniforms and certain leather items at an approximate cost of $1,500.

Sworn recruits in addition are responsible for leather items, firearm and ammunition at an approximate cost of $2,500.

Common Questions / FAQs

  1. I'm interested in the RPTA and the Academy, what do I do first?
    You first have to determine if you are coming as a sworn officer or pre-employment recurit. See descriptions below.
  2. How long does the Pre-Employment Certification last?
    You have up to two years from graduation to secure a job as a Sworn Officer.
  3. What is the difference between the sworn officers and pre-employment program?
    Sworn recruits take part in Firearms Training, Behavioral Observation & Suspicious Activity Recognition (BOSAR), Hard Baton and Field training, while pre-employement recruits do not.
  4. How do I get the rest of the training once I am hired from Pre to Sworn?
    As a pre graduate, once you are hired in the two year period, you then return to the nearest Academy and take the four remaining courses listed in Question #3.
  5. Are there Physical Fitness standards I have to meet?
    Yes, the physical fitness standards are provided in the application packet. You need to enter the course at the 40th percentile and exit (graduate) at the 50th percentile. It is imperative that you are prepared for the pre-test and we suggest that you practice, exercise and train months in advance of the actual test so that you are successful. At the completion of the course, you must meet the 50th percentile standards to successfully graduate from the Academy.
  6. What do I need as far as Uniforms/Equipment?
    You will be given a supply list once you are accepted so that you can purchase the proper uniform and equipment. All recruits wear gray fatigues and the Academy operates in a para-military style.
  7. Are all classes held at GCC?
    Most all classroom activities are held at the Main Campus at GCC Batavia, and others at various locations such as Letchworth Central School, Arcade GCC Campus, Firearms Range in Leicester, NY and other locations in Geneseo and Avon as needed.
  8. What if I have other questions?
    If you have any questions regarding the Rural Police Training Academy or the application process,please contact Academy Director, Douglas Brooks at

Application & Forms

Please email Director Brooks at if you are interested in receiving an application packet.

Please mail or return all forms to:
Genesee Community College
ATTN: Tina Marsceill, BEST Center
One College Road
Batavia, NY 14020