Giving Back

The Foundation

Giving to Genesee Community College’s Foundation is one of the primary ways that alumni can support the school and its students. Through your donations, the Foundation is able to provide greatly needed scholarships to more than 500 students a year.

“Receiving the President’s Scholarship shows me that there are kind, generous people that put the needs of others in front of their own. As I work each day to reach my dreams, I hope to give back to the community as so many have given to me…thanks to the charitable donors to such a great college.”
- Rebecca S. Narburgh, Albion, Class of 2005

In addition, the Foundation raises critical funds in support of College needs and opportunities, and channels those funds to the College in the form of grants. This financial support helps enrich and transform the College each year.

“By joining our time, money, and energy together, we make great things happen: scholarships, new buildings and equipment, more opportunities, brighter futures.”
- Dr. Sunser, President, Genesee Community College

Every gift strengthens our community, and changes and enriches the lives of students forever! Learn more about how you can help make a difference.


Thanks to our alumni, the Phonathon program at GCC has become an important part of the Foundation’s fundraising efforts.  Each year, students call alumni to update records, learn of news to be shared, answer any questions, keep alumni connected to the College and ask for their financial support.  The support our alumni gives contributes to funding for scholarships – academic, need-based, and community based, including the President’s Innovation Award which grants funds for innovative activities and projects that promote community involvement in the life of the college.

Aside from helping the College, it is a way to invest in GCC and the community and stay connected. Perhaps the best reason to give through this program is to show your belief in Genesee. Alumni receiving a call from one of our Phonathon callers are encouraged to take a few minutes to talk with them. Ask about campus life and let them know what it was like in the "good old days.” Thanks, in advance, to all alumni for getting involved and…answering the call!