Office Assistant

Today, organizations generate mountains of information, and word processors play an important role in managing them. By typing text, entering data into a computer, operating a variety of office machines and performing other clerical duties, these office support technicians help organizations keep up with the rapid changes characteristic of the Information Age.

Word processors type letters, reports, forms and other materials from rough drafts or voice recording units, and correct copy. They work in government agencies, insurance companies, banks, and all types of private businesses. Genesee's Office Assistant Certificate program prepares students for employment by developing familiarity with common microcomputer software packages such as word processing, electronic spreadsheets, and databases. You'll develop essential business communication skills and study fundamentals of accounting and office procedures. To assist your studies, you'll have access to state-of-the-art software, new "smart" classrooms, and Genesee's modern computer laboratories.

Genesee's Office Assistant program includes two cooperative work experiences with outside firms to expand your knowledge of real-world business operations.

It is your choice to apply your courses toward the Administrative Assistant degree program, or move into the working world for an entry-level position in the public or private sector. Better yet, you can do both.

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