Liberal Arts and Science: Math and Science

Genesee's Math and Science Program is an ideal foundation for students who envision careers in a wide range of settings-from education and health care, to industry and research. As you gain theoretical and conceptual knowledge in the classroom, you have access to the following well-equipped, modern facilities:

Genesee's biology laboratories all have DVD, video, computer and Internet capabilities. They feature numerous models for studying human anatomy, comparative anatomy, cell structure and organisms. Binocular microscopes, demonstration apparatus, and incubators round out the extensive array of up-to-date supplies and equipment.

The chemistry laboratory is equipped with computers attached to interfaces allowing measurements of pH, temperature and light absorption, among others. The lab also includes electronic balances, visible spectrometers, infrared (IR) spectrometer, gas chromatograph, melt-temps and other equipment that help students perform a wide range of experiments.

The physics laboratory has computer interfaces and a variety of other equipment that students use to study motion instant-by-instant, analyze sound, study electromagnetism and optics, and measure quantities such as the speed of light, mass of the earth and the charge and mass of the electron. Several large astronomical telescopes are available.

Computer labs are extensive and upgraded frequently. "Smart" classrooms provide computer access via a large touch screen, as well as DVD and video capabilities.

The program provides a solid base for students to transfer to a four-year college or university and continue studies in math, science or a related subject.

Prerequisites: Twelfth grade reading and writing skills, college-preparatory mathematics through at least precalculus, and a minimum of two years of secondary school laboratory science, including chemistry.

Joint Admissions: SUNY University at Buffalo for Biotechnology, Anthropology and Pre-Med; SUNY Geneseo for Mathematics, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics; SUNY Brockport for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Meteorology; SUNY Buffalo State for Mathematics; SUNY Fredonia for Mathematics; Niagara University for Mathematics.
Transfer Agreements: SUNY Upstate Medical University for allied health programs; SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse; and the College of Saint Rose in Albany for Biology.

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