Individualized Studies

Career opportunities and the job market are constantly changing with new fields opening up quickly. Today's employers often look for people with skills in more than one discipline. In addition, organizations frequently require employees to seek additional schooling to improve their performance or advance to higher-level positions. For these reasons, Genesee's Individualized Studies was designed for students seeking immediate employment after graduation. You'll determine your specific career goals and then-with the assistance of your advisor and other staff-create a unique sequence of courses to achieve your goals.

The program is also targeted for employees and employers to tailor programs to meet specific industry or job needs. In addition to specialized course work, you will receive a solid general education foundation, and gain skills in oral and written communication, basic word processing, spreadsheet, and database software.

Below are just a few examples of possible career concentrations that can be combined in a customized Individualized Studies degree program to meet your specific career goals:

  • Business and Digital Arts
  • Business and Computer Technology
  • Business and Communication
  • Business and Theater
  • Marketing and Digital Arts
  • Paralegal and Criminal Justice
  • Travel and Tourism and Sport Management
  • Fashion Merchandising Management and Art
  • Digital Arts and Web development
  • Business and Music

Depending on your career goals, you may pursue an internship opportunity in one of a variety of potential employers.
Suggested Prerequisites: Four units of high school English, three units of social studies, two units of science, and two or more years of college-preparatory math (including Algebra 1), college reading proficiency, and composition skills.

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