Liberal Arts and Science: General Studies

Completing the General Studies program provides solid evidence that you can learn, think critically, solve problems, conduct research, write and speak clearly, and work in groups as a team player, as well as independently. Employers value these qualities in job candidates in every field and industry.

In Genesee's General Studies program, you can design your own course of study in consultation with your academic advisor and a transfer counselor. This makes General Studies especially attractive for students who have not decided on a specific academic or career goal.

Students considering transferring to a four-year school after graduation should carefully review program options with an advisor and a transfer counselor to ensure their course sequences meet the transfer institution's requirements. Students should make sure they contact the transfer institution for current curriculum information.

Students pursing the General Studies degree should consult with an advisor to select the appropriate courses to transfer to an upper-division program in a specific discipline of choice. For example, if you want to pursue the field of psychology, you can select from several Genesee courses in psychology. Additional liberal arts and science disciplines include anthropology, sociology, art, biology, English and literature, foreign language, history and political science, mathematics and philosophy.

More than 50 percent of this program may be taken in an eLearning format.

Suggested Prerequisites: Four units of high school English, three units of social studies, two years of high school mathematics and science.

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