Human Services

Human Services

What's the Difference between the AS and AAS Degree?

Associate of Science (AS)

This Program is designed to prepare for bachelor level Social Work or Human Services related programs, the AS in Human Services:

  • Builds a foundation of knowledge and skills in many course areas
  • Matches general education course requirements at transfer institutions ( providing students follow guidelines for suggested courses)
  • Offers the opportunity to learn theories and skills for working with specific population groups (early childhood, older adult, developmentally disabled, alcohol and drug abuse)
  • Provides students with two semesters of internship experiences

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

This Program is designed for students seeking employment immediately upon graduation. Emphasis is placed on courses which enable the student to gain theoretical knowledge important for working in human services and to apply concepts to specialized populations of their interest. By choosing specific electives, students may concentrate in:

  • Child Care
  • Community services
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Substance abuse
  • Gerontology

In addition, a one-year Certificate in Child Care, Gerontology or Developmental Disabilities can be taken at the same time as the AAS in Human Services (with careful attention to electives).

Experience plays a major role in the curriculum, as each student takes two courses of fieldwork under the supervision of an outside agency and the Genesee Community College course instructor. During these internships, students directly apply concepts, knowledge and skills learned in their courses.