Polysomnographic Technology

Polysomnographic Technology A.A.S.
The evaluation and diagnosis of sleep disorders

From sleep apnea to narcolepsy to insomnia—there are 84 different classifications of sleep disorders, and more than 70 million Americans suffer from some aspect of sleeping disease. In fact, sleep disorders have become one of the fastest growing health concerns today, particularly with its connection to obesity, which is another significant health problem facing our nation. For these reasons, Genesee Community College has developed Polysomnographic Technology, or the evaluation and diagnosis of sleep disorders – the only program of its type in New York State.

Where can you work as a Polysomnographic Technician?
Polysomnographic technologists work closely with physicians to assist in the diagnosis of sleep-related problems and provide support services to patients. Typically, they work at night in “sleep laboratories” or clinics where patients with sleep problems spend one or more nights under intensive clinical observation. Technologists monitor patients’ breathing, blood oxygen levels, brain waves, eye movements, muscle tone, and other clinical variables using a variety of highly specialized equipment to assist in diagnosis. Polysomnographic technologists also counsel patients in the use of respiratory and sleep devices that aid in sleep hygiene.

What will you study as a Polysomnographic Technology student?
Students can complete Genesee’s 66-credit Polysomnographic Technology program in four semesters with full-time enrollment. Courses include Anatomy and Physiology, Physiology of Sleep Medicine, Sleep Study Instrumentation, Sleep Disorders, Environmental Chemistry, General Psychology, as well as four courses in Polysomnography and general education courses. The academic program also includes two clinical practice courses providing the opportunity to apply newly learned skills in a local sleep clinic.

What can you do with a Polysomnographic Technology degree?
New York State has more than 60 registered sleep clinics, and with Genesee Community College located between the major cities of Buffalo and Rochester, jobs in Polysomnography are growing steadily throughout the region. Upon completion of the Polysomnographic Technology program, graduates will be prepared to work in the wide array of sleep clinics and sleep laboratories. New York State is expected to require licensing of all Polysomnographic technologists in the near future—giving Genesee graduates the advantage in clinical qualifications.

For information contact the Polysomnographic Technology Program Director, Marshann Thomas at 585-343-0055 x6188 or at mythomas@genesee.edu.  You may also contact an admissions counselor at Admissions@genesee.edu or 1-800-CALL-GCC.

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