Fine Arts

A surprisingly large number of different organizations specifically seek employees who have earned a degree in Fine Arts. Architectural and engineering firms, art galleries and auction houses, elementary and secondary schools, independent production companies, museums and historical societies, photo agencies and studios, and many retail stores value the creative thinking skills and the artistic and professional discipline developed by graduates of Fine Arts programs.

As a Fine Arts student at Genesee you will perfect your studio skills while embracing a rich variety of experiences inside and outside a classroom. The core curriculum, including courses in world and western civilization, humanities, natural and social sciences, mathematics and history provide a dynamic backdrop for the program requirements. You'll enjoy classes in Two-Dimensional Design, Painting, Photography, Museum Practice, and Craft Fundamentals. Electives such as Computer Graphics, Stagecraft, Introduction to Theatrical and Scene Design round out Genesee's Fine Arts experience.

You will also benefit from the outstanding arts facilities at the Batavia campus, which feature well-equipped and naturally lit art studios for painting, drawing, pottery and jewelry making; the 328-seat Stuart Steiner Theatre with a full scene shop, costume shop and dressing rooms; state-of-the-art computer graphics lab; an acoustically designed music studio; and an impressive dance/rehearsal studio.

Suggested Prerequisites: Standard preparation for an interest in fine arts is desired, but not necessary. Students may be asked to submit a portfolio for acceptance into the program.

Program Articulation: SUNY Buffalo State.

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