Communications and Media Arts

The explosion of broadcast and print media over the past few decades has led to a range of new opportunities in radio, television, newspapers, and magazines.

Genesee's Communications and Media Arts program trains students to think and react like communications managers, and respond effectively using the latest concepts in programming and marketing. You'll develop your skills in production, writing, and the business of media, as well as gain essential knowledge of computer and satellite technologies. In addition to required course work, you'll have plenty of hands-on opportunities at Genesee's AM and FCC-licensed FM radio stations, including a new Audio Vault computer system; television production studio with Edit-Pro equipment; and in the photographic darkroom featuring individual workstations.

Radio station internships in Batavia, Buffalo and Rochester offer additional real-world experience. Once you've graduated, you can seek entry-level positions or enter a baccalaureate program in specialties like journalism, media studies, or film and video production.

Prerequisites: Four units of high school English, three units of social studies and two years each of high-school mathematics and science.

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