Economic Crime Investigation @ Genesee

Money laundering, health-insurance fraud, identity theft, and corporate account "book-cooking" are increasingly at the center of today's criminal activity. Advances in technology, economic trends and the current global political climate are insuring that these white-collar crimes will continue to make front page news. Corporate and government employers need qualified professionals with accounting, computer, and investigative skills capable of dealing with these contemporary types of crime.

Genesee's Economic Crime Investigation program combines three popular areas of study-criminal justice, accounting and computer science-and places students at the cutting-edge of technology and job growth. Designed for those planning to transfer to baccalaureate colleges and universities, the program helps prepare you for entry-level careers in the field of investigation and/or prevention of white-collar crime. The program is designed to allow you to choose among two concentrations: technology-based computer security or accounting-based financial investigation.

More than 50 percent of this program may be taken in an eLearning format.

Prerequisites: Four units of high-school English, three units of social studies, two units of science, at least two years of college-preparatory math, including algebra.