Deaf Studies

Deaf Studies

Please note: This program is no longer accepting new students. This page is still in place as a service to current students.

The Deaf Studies certificate explores communicating effectively with deaf people in your community. GCC's proximity to Rochester, which has the highest per capita population of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in the United States, makes the Deaf Studies Certificate a crucial tool in helping to break down language barriers for the region's hearing impaired.

Why GCC?

Earning the Deaf Studies Certificate will allow you to have facilitated, basic communication with people with hearing problems. The certificate can be completed as a stand-alone two-year certificate or combined with an Associate's degree in one of the Human Services Program options. The curriculum focuses on American Sign Language proficiency in the classroom and a field placement, allowing for real-world experience.

The certificate is designed to help you to:

  • Build ASL skills
  • Obtain knowledge about the heritage and culture of the deaf community
  • Prepare to work in fields such as education, rehabilitation, social work, law, nursing and psychology
  • Meet the needs of deaf individuals in schools, the workplace and the community

Career Opportunities

After getting your GCC degree, some occupations you may consider are:

Please contact our Career Center for more information.