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Fall 2012

Physical Therapist Assistant Courses:

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PTA106 - Physical Therapy Assistant Seminar 1
Credits: 2

Catalog Description: Introduces interpersonal skills and professionalism relevant to the health care environment. Addresses interactions between PTA and patients, therapists, and other health care team members. Advances concepts of social and cultural competency, confidentiality, and professional responsibilities. Addresses state laws and professional therapy association positions and their integration into clinical policies and procedures. Covers computer literacy, on-line medical research, effective study skills, and continuing professional development. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the PTA program. Corequisite: PTA 101.

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PTA202 - Applied Neurology
Credits: 3

Catalog Description: Provides a basic understanding of how the human nervous system works and explores common neuropathies that impair health and functioning. Presents clinically relevant aspects of normal neuroanatomy and basic neurophysiology as a background for understanding disorders of the human nervous system. Assists in comprehending important clinical concepts related to abnormal neurological conditions in order to substantiate therapeutic rationale for physical therapy treatment techniques taught in the PTA curriculum. One lecture and two seminar hours a week. Prerequisite: BIO105 or BIO152. Corequisite: PTA203.

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PTA208 - Physical Therapy Assistant 4
Credits: 5

Catalog Description: Explores principles of motor behavior in neurological rehabilitation, pediatrics and geriatrics. Emphasizes motor control, motor learning, and neurological therapeutic exercises. Addresses architectural barriers, training in daily living activities, orthotics and prosthetics. Integrates knowledge of clinically relevant pathological conditions into treatment of neurological patients with co-morbidities. Four lecture hours and six lab hours a week for a 12 week period, which is comparable to seven contact hours (3 lecture and 4 lab) over a regular sixteen week period. Prerequisite: PTA 203 with a grade of "C" or better. Corequisite: PTA 207

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