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Summer 2022

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PTA223 - Clinical Experience 3

Credits: 5

Catalog Description: The student will apply physical therapy assessments and interventions to patients / clients under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist or physical therapist assistant at a physical therapy clinical affiliation site. The student will be expected to expand on the skills developed during their first two clinical experience and didactic instruction. Emphasis is placed on reaching entry-level performance in preparation for entrance into the work force. The student will educate clinic staff through a professional in-service on a topic appropriate for the clinical setting. Student must have current certification in Adult & Pediatric 1st Aid/CPR/AED or equivalent.

Lab: 15 hrs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon the successful completion of this course, a student will be able to:
This course utilizes an on-line student evaluation tool that was developed in conjunction with the American Physical Therapy Association for use in evaluating Physical Therapist Assistant student performance in the clinical setting. This tool is completed by a Clinical Instructor, serving in the role as clinical faculty. At the conclusion of the course, each student will have achieved, "Entry Level" status on the Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI Web) for at least 11 of the following criteria (minimum score on the remaining criteria must be at least Advanced Intermediate):

1. Safety - Performs in a safe manner that minimizes the risk to patient, self, and others
2. Clinical Behaviors - Demonstrates expected clinical behaviors in a professional manner in all situations.
3. Accountability - Performs in a manner consistent with established legal standards, standards of the profession, and ethical guidelines.
4. Cultural Competence - Adapts delivery of physical therapy services with consideration for patients differences, values, preferences, and needs.
5. Communication - Communicates in ways that are congruent with situational needs.
6. Self-Assessment and Lifelong Learning - Participates in self-assessment and develops plans to improve knowledge, skills, and behaviors.
7. Clinical Problem Solving - Demonstrates clinical problem solving.
8. Interventions: Therapeutic Exercise - Performs selected therapeutic exercises in a competent manner.
9. Interventions: Therapeutic Techniques - Applies selected manual therapy, airway clearance, and integumentary repair and protection techniques in a competent manner.
10. Interventions: Physical Agents and Mechanical Modalities - Applies selected physical agents and mechanical modalities in a competent manner.
11. Interventions: Electrotherapeutic Modalities - Applies selected electrotherapeutic modalities in a competent manner.
12. Interventions: Functional Training and Application of Devices/Equipment - Performs functional training in self-care and home management and application and adjustment of devices and equipment in a competent manner.
13. Documentation - Produces quality documentation in a timely manner to support the delivery of physical therapy services.
14. Resource Management - Participates in the efficient delivery of physical therapy services.

Effective Term: Fall 2019