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Fall 2012

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HIS224 - East Asian History
Credits: 3

Catalog Description: Examines the political, social, economic and intellectual development of the major cultures of East Asia from 1600 to the present. Investigates the influence of the Chinese model of civilization, the impact of Western imperialism and the economic and political transformations of the 20th century.

Lecture: 3 hrs.

Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs):
Upon successful completion of the course, as documented by extended writing assignments, class discussion, and examinations, students will be able to:

1.recognize at least five major geographic features in East Asia and discuss how these features affected the development of the culture of the region;
2.identify three examples of how the Chinese model of civilization spread to Korea, Vietnam and Japan;
3.identify and evaluate a minimum of two aspects of political, economic and cultural development in at least three major periods in Chinese and Japanese history since 1600;
4.identify and explain at least four elements within the broad process of cultural, political, social and economic change in East Asia since 1800;
5.compare and contrast the responses of three East Asian societies to Western imperialism;
6.identify at least three different approaches to economic development in the 20th century undertaken by countries in East Asia;
7.relate a minimum of three current events to their context in East Asian history; and
8.complete a 4-6 page paper on an approved topic which demonstrates knowledge of a distinctive feature of East Asian civilization.*

*This course objective has been identified as a student learning outcome that must be formally assessed as part of the College's Comprehensive Assessment Plan. All faculty teaching this course must collect the required data (see Assessing Student Learning Outcomes form) and submit the required analysis and documentation at the conclusion of the semester to the Office of Assessment and Special Projects.

Content Outline:
1. East Asia-Geography and Institutions
2. Qing China
3. Tokugawa Japan
4. Early Korea and Vietnam
5. Arrival of Western Influence
6. Turmoil in 19th century China
7. Japan and the Meiji Restoration
8. Imperialism and Korea and Vietnam
9. China in Chaos (1896-1925)
10. Road to War
11. WWII in Asia
12. Communist Revolution in China
13. Revival of Post War Japan
14. Korea and Vietnam-Division and War
15. The Pacific Century

Effective Term: Fall 2007