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Summer 2018

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HIS198 - Eccentrics All: Kings, Queens and Rogues in England and Scotland

Credits: 3

Catalog Description: Examines the historical foundations, theoretical aspects, and the evolution of the British monarchy since the Puritan Revolution. Students will experience first-hand the culture of monarchy both in England and Scotland as they explore historic sites in and along London, the Great North Road, Edinburgh and the Highlands. Participation in the U.K. Study Abroad program required.

Lecture: 3 hrs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon successful completion of this course as documented through writing, objective testing, case studies, laboratory practice, and/or classroom discussion, the student will be able to:

1.Synthesize the major constitutional changes in the British monarchy since 1649.
2.Identify and appraise the import of historic sites associated with the monarchy in England and Scotland.
3.Examine how a culture of monarchy exists in Great Britain, how it has changed over time, and how present attitudes towards it are reflected in public places.*
4.Identify and evaluate the significance of particular Kings and Queens since 1649.
5.Identify and evaluate the significance of major living members of the royal family today.
6.Construct a theory regarding the future of the monarchy in all of Great Britain and Commonwealth nations.
7.Appraise attitudes and opinion of the British monarchy outside of Great Britain.
8.Relate the development of the British political system to the political institutions of other nations in the western world.

* This course objective has been identified as a student learning outcome that must be formally assessed as part of the Comprehensive Assessment Plan of the college. All faculty teaching this course must collect the required data and submit the required analysis and documentation at the conclusion of the semester to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

Content Outline:
I. History of the British Monarchy since 1649
II. Identification and tours of major historic sites in England and Scotland
III. Placing historic sites in context
IV. Assessing British and Scottish views toward the monarchy
V. Assessing world views of the British crown

Effective Term: Summer 2013