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Spring 2018

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BUS101 - Principles of Business

Credits: 3

Catalog Description: Examines the scope of business as it relates to the global economic system. Topics include types of business ownership, management principles, the internal organization, human resource management, marketing, finance and risk management. Students should take this course during their first semester as a foundation for other business courses.

Lecture: 3 hrs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon successful completion of the course, as documented by class discussions, exams, papers, and presentations, the student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate effective business presentation skills in written and oral form by preparing and presenting two assignments that apply to business curriculum topics identified in the course textbook chapters.

2. Recognize and compare best practices in the business environment of two corporations in regards to ethics, social responsibility and workplace diversity issues.

3. Describe the requirements of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business.

4. Identify the opportunities and challenges of performing business in the global market.

5. Demonstrate the application of the four functions of management, (planning, organizing, leading and controlling), by interviewing a business manager to more thoroughly understand the many responsibilities of a manager.

6. Identify and describe basic accounting/financial statements by reviewing and analyzing a corporation's annual report.

7. Describe and apply the target market concept and its relationship to the marketing model of product, place, price and promotion.

8. Identify and analyze current events in regard to human resources management.

9. Compare and contrast two competitive corporations and analyze each of the companies by describing each of their marketing, human resources, ethics policies, social responsibility, management and financial and operational, (both domestic and international), differences through completion of a capstone project. *

* This course objective has been identified as a student learning outcome that must be formally assessed as part of the Comprehensive Assessment Plan of the college. All faculty teaching this course must collect the required data and submit the required analysis and documentation at the conclusion of the semester to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

Content Outline:
Unit I
The Role of Business in Our Economy
Forms of Business Organization
The Stock Market

Unit II
The Fundamentals of Management
Organizing for Business
Human Relations
Human Resources Management

Unit III
Union - Management Relations
Money and Banking
Risk Management and Insurance

Unit IV
Small Business, New Ventures and Franchising
Ethical and Social Responsibilities of Business
International Business
Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Effective Term: Fall 2010