Library Instruction & Information Literacy

What We Teach:

  • Information literacy skills such as: choosing research topics, formulating search strategies, identifying appropriate online and print resources, and citation skills (MLA, APA, & Chicago).
  • Professional Research Tips for faculty, including how to set up publication alerts and how to use ILLiad Interlibrary Loan.

Where We Teach:

  • Batavia campus library classroom.
  • Campus Center computer labs.
  • Your classroom: we offer mini-instruction sessions on a particular database or citation style, or we can teach for a full class session.
  • Through Zoom or through the creation of video tutorials. See: GeneseeLibrary on YouTube for sample videos.
  • We can embed in your Blackboard course for a more supportive experience for students either for a brief period of time (during a particular assignment) or over the course of the semester. 
  • We are not able to come to high school Advanced Studies or Career Pathways classes, but we will arrange instruction at your nearest GCC campus location.

When We Teach:

  • During day classes, night classes, and weekend classes.

Best Practices for Faculty:

  • Instruction works best when paired with an assignment because the students have a vested interest in paying attention - please schedule your session when the library will be most useful for your students.
  • Instructors are expected to accompany their classes during instruction or library classroom use (exceptions may be allowed).
  • The library classroom may be reserved for class research time for a limited number of times per class per semester, but library instruction classes take precedence over non-instruction classes, and your research time may need to be rescheduled (with 24 hour notice).
  • Book early in the semester to guarantee your preferred dates & times.
  • Don't forget that our Tutorials/Guides can be incorporated into your Blackboard classes.


Faculty Request for Library Instruction

Students: go to the Ask a Librarian page to get help with an assignment

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