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Responses to previous Suggestions & Questions submitted by library users

Is it possible to create more study room space? Currently there are only four available and with the more and more assignments that require groups participation makes it difficult when there is nowhere else on campus to study or do work.
I think that you're missing some books that would be good for your collection.
I think it would be beneficial if the library could be open at least one day a week until 11 pm. My roommates are loud and trying to get those late night assignments done is hard when its loud.
Please let me know what the library's policy on children is?
I love coming to the library to get work done except for the amount of talking that goes on. Then I have no quiet place to start my homework or get research done. When I do ask that people to at least relocate their conversation they refuse, give me attitude and then I'm the one that moves only to have keep asking others to be quiet. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way as it has been discussed in many of my classes.
You should really consider sanitizing the computer workstations (especially the keyboards) throughout the entire day. With the flu and cold season under way there are MANY germs on this area.
Can you please stay open later? Maybe by ½ an hour or even let the printers stay on a bit later.
I am becoming annoyed at seeing students sprawled out on the couch w/jackets on top like it is a bed. I like the couch because of back problems.