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Admission to the Honors Program


Candidates will demonstrate evidence of exemplary academic achievement such as: a high school average of 87, an ACT combined score of 24 with no subscore lower than 21, a combined SAT score of 1000 with no subscore lower than 450, or completion of 12 hours of study at an accredited institution of higher education with a QPI of 3.5, and/or approval of the Honors Committee.

Applying to the Program

Candidates will submit an Honors Program application to the Program Committee, which contains the following:

  1. A written statement explaining why you should be considered for the program and describing a significant accomplishment. The accomplishment may include, but is not limited to, a work of art, an award, essay, musical composition, scientific experiment, speech, or other evidence of leadership.
  2. Two letters of recommendation, one from an individual who works or has worked with you in an academic setting and one from a person outside the classroom who is not a relative.
  3. A completed application to Genesee Community College or a current college transcript.

Admission to the Honors Program is selective and limited. The dean will review applications and then may invite candidates to an informational interview with representatives of the Honors Committee. Candidates should be prepared to discuss their accomplishments, academic interests, and plans as related to the program.

Print out an application!