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Getting the Job

Getting a job involves:

  • acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experience required to be competitive in the current and future job market
  • establishing a sound resume, cover letter, and set of references
  • learning how to present yourself during a job interview

The staff of the Career Services Center is available to assist you with:

Job Search Strategies

You'll need to use a variety of tools like Networking, Job Fairs, Recruitments, and Internet Resources

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Cover Letters

The purpose of a cover letter is to convince a prospective employer that you should be granted a personal interview.

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A resume should represent you as an individual, demonstrate your value to the employer and offer an opportunity for the employer to select you for an interview.

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Interviewing Skills

We can help you get ready for your interview.

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Networking Skills

Many jobs are never advertised!  Human Resource recruiters may find candidates through informal recruiting systems.

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