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Preparing for Your Career

The goal of the Career Services Center is to provide support and guidance in offering skills that match employer needs in the 21st century.  As the need for knowledge and workers expand, an employee becomes more valuable as he or she attains new skills. We offer several skills workshops throughout each semester, such as resume and cover letter writing. 

Disney College Program
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Internships / Cooperative Education

Internships and Cooperative Education are designed to provide students with the necessary support and resources to identify and arrange for practical work experience related to the student’s major and career goals.

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Job Shadowing

An informational interview and/or job shadow can provide valuable insight and perspective on an occupation that is of possible interest to you while going through career exploration.

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Mock Interviews

Participating in a mock interview will work on improving your your interviewing skills and help you learn more about what to expect from an interview.

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Multicultural Public Speaking Club

Participants will learn how to conduct meetings, give impromptu speeches, present prepared speeches and to improve communication skills – all in a supportive environment.

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