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About Online Learning

Purpose Statement

Online Learning supports the mission of Genesee Community College by providing postsecondary learning opportunities through high quality online courses and programs in a flexible, convenient learning environment. Online Learning expands student access to affordable higher education and its services, maximizes faculty effectiveness and reach, and strengthens reciprocal economic relationships between the college and GLOW region and beyond.

GCC's online courses allows students to take regular college credit courses using computer technology to:

  • learn concepts
  • supplement textbook information
  • communicate with instructors and other students
  • link to a world of applied information via the internet

Online Learning is not a program in itself; it is a mode of taking courses required for a degree or certificate program.

Online Learning courses follow the same academic calendar as campus-based courses. They are not self-paced, but adhere to a rigorous calendar, student learning outcomes and required competencies for completion.

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