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Job Shadowing and Informational Interviewing

One of the best sources of career information is an interview or job shadow with someone actually employed in a career in which you are interested.  An informational interview and/or job shadow can provide valuable insight and perspective on an occupation that is of possible interest to you while going through career exploration.  It may even provide direct contact with someone who may help you to actually find a job.

Begin by seeking out a person working in your career of interest.  Request an opportunity to conduct an informational interview and/or job shadow. Allow ample time and always ask for permission either by  letter, email, phone, or face to face. The objective is to learn as much as possible and it is important to prepare a set of questions to ask. 

Remember the purpose of the visit is to obtain information, not ask for a job.  The approach you take is to learn about a field of study and make a decision about whether to pursue a particular field or career choice possibility.  Be prepared for the interview.

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