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Leadership Certificate Program


The Leadership Certificate Program is a new initiative to help you improve existing skills and your ability to be a leader. Open to all students, this program is designed to prepare you as a leader in the workplace and in your community.

While students do not receive academic credit for attending these seminars and workshops, they will receive recognition for completion on their final academic transcripts.

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To complete the Leadership Certificate and have it appear on your transcript, you must complete the following requirements:

Introductory Seminar

  • LEAD 100: Your Life and Leadership
    This seminar will be offered multiple times throughout the semester

Capstone Experience (Choose from one of the following)

  • LEAD 200: Modern Leadership Issues Seminar
  • LEAD 201: Student Paraprofessional Development Seminar (Designed for Student Leaders)
  • LEAD 202: Orientation Leadership Seminar
  • LEAD 203: Resident Assistant Seminar
  • LEAD 204: Multi-Cultural Communications Seminar
  • LEAD 205: Fashion Business Seminar
  • LEAD 206: Tourism & Hospitality Management Business Seminar
  • LEAD 207: Fine and Performing Arts
  • LEAD 208: Teacher Education
  • LEAD 209: Human Services
  • LEAD 210: Polysomnography Technology
  • LEAD 211: Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (CEO)
  • LEAD 212: Physical Education, Sports Management, Fitness & Recreation Management
  • LEAD 213: Physical Therapist Assistant
  • LEAD 214: Nursing
  • LEAD 215: Academic Success

Experience In Leadership

You will complete 120 hours by actively participating in one of the following categories:

  • Internship: Part-Time position, Volunteer position, or Summer job
  • Serving Learning: Study Abroad/Away
  • Student Volunteer Position at GCC
  • Student Leadership Position at GCC
  • Create Your Own (See Leadership Certificate Program Coordinator in Student Activities)


  • LEAD 300: E-Portfolio.  Over the course of 3 sessions, you will develop an E-portfolio.

Leadership Certificate Workshops

Presentations will take place during Common Hours and evenings.  You must participate in 10 of the Leadership Certificate Workshops that are offered during your enrollment in the Leadership Certificate program.

You should sign up in the Student Activities Office for any workshops you plan on attending. You will also need to sign in at each workshop to ensure tracking of your progress.

You will also be able to include these workshops on your Co-Curricular Resume, an official document of the college that highlights your work outside of the classroom.

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