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Leadership Certificate Program

The certificate in Leadership is based on a broad, cross-disciplinary philosophy of leadership.

The certificate will prepare you for opportunities to develop and enhance your personal philosophy of leadership; fully understand yourself; develop the ability to relate to others; and embrace the responsibilities inherent with active citizenship and leadership.

The curriculum focuses on expanding your knowledge, skills, and understanding of specific leadership theories, concepts, models, and modern leadership issues in applied settings.

The goal is to prepare you for leadership roles and responsibilities not only on campus, but in your life-long career, your community, and family.

Successful completion of the certificate will be indicated on your academic transcript.


To enroll in the program, please fill out the Leadership Certificate Program Enrollment Form



The Leadership Certificate Program seeks to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities on campus and in their future careers, communities and families. The mission of this program is embedded in a commitment to developing and enhancing a personal philosophy of leadership, a greater sense of self, an increased ability to relate to others, and deeper understanding of inherent responsibilities of active citizenship. This mission is accomplished through applied use of knowledge, skills, and understanding of specific leadership theories, concepts, models, and modern leadership issues through a series of training workshops, service learning, volunteer work, and active engagement in the college community.


To complete the Leadership Certificate and have it appear on your transcript, you must complete the following requirements:

Introductory Seminar

  • LEAD 100: Your Life and Leadership
    This seminar will be offered multiple times throughout the semester

Capstone Experience

Academic programs and paraprofessional work experience may count toward this requirement.  If your degree program is not listed below, LEAD 200 would fulfill this requirement.

  • LEAD 200: Modern Leadership Issues Seminar
  • LEAD 201: Student Paraprofessional Development Seminar (Designed for Student Leaders)
  • LEAD 202: Orientation Leader
  • LEAD 203: Resident Assistant
  • LEAD 204: Multi-Cultural Communications
  • LEAD 205: Fashion Business
  • LEAD 206: Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • LEAD 207: Fine and Performing Arts
  • LEAD 208: Teaching and Education
  • LEAD 209: Human Services
  • LEAD 210: Polysomnographic Technology
  • LEAD 211: Entrepreneurship
  • LEAD 212: Health and Physical Education
  • LEAD 213: Physical Therapist Assistant
  • LEAD 214: Nursing
  • LEAD 215: Academic Success

Leadership in Practice

All participants will complete 30 hours of leadership practice on campus or in the local community.

Students may also choose to complete 120 hours for recognition of higher achievement by actively participating in one of the following categories:

  • Internship, part-time work experience, volunteer work,  or summer employment
  • On campus volunteer role (ex. Eco-fest, CAB, campus committee, tutor, etc.)
  • Serving a student club or organization in a capacity greater than general member
  • Create Your Own (See Leadership Certificate Program Coordinator in Student Activities)


  • LEAD 300: E-Portfolio.  Over the course of 3 sessions, you will develop an E-portfolio that encapsulates your experiences in the program. Within the E-Portfolio, you will include your Philosophy of Leadership, reflections of your leadership in practice as well as your future goals.  Upon completion, you will present your E-portfolio to a group of students new to the program as well as Student Activities Staff.

Leadership Certificate Workshops

Workshops will take place during common hour on Thursdays during the Fall and Spring semesters.  You must participate in at least 10 of the Leadership Certificate Workshops during your enrollment in the Leadership Certificate program.

Please sign up in advance in the Student Activities Office for any workshops you plan on attending. You will also need to sign in at each workshop to ensure tracking of your progress.


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