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Club Resources

Interested in starting a new club? Fundraising? Getting new members? Here are some helpful resources for your club or organization!

How to Start a New Club

  1. Find at least five students that are interested in forming this club or organization.
  2. Find a faculty or staff person that is willing to advise your club or organization.
  3. Meet with the Director of Student Activities - Cliff Scutella, and describe your interests and goals for the potential club.
  4. Hold an introductory meeting with the potential advisor and members of the club or organization to discuss ideas and goals.
  5. Complete a Letter of Intent
  6. Draft a Constitution for your organization.
  7. Submit the Letter of Intent and the Constitution to the Student Government Association (SGA) for consideration.
  8. Contact the SGA secretary to schedule a time to come to the next available SGA meeting in order to present the Letter of Intent, Constitution, and any associated materials.

Club Advisor's Handbook

The role of Advisor is very important to the growth and continuity of our student groups.  No other campus activity provides a better opportunity for faculty members to participate in the total education of our students and a rewarding satisfaction can be derived from serving in this role.

This guide has been developed to provide assistance and a ready reference to facilitate the Advisor's role. We appreciate our advisors who take the time and effort required to properly fulfill this role and avails its staff, facilities, and resources to assist in any way it can.

Download the Handbook

Fundraising Ideas

  • Host a Merchant on campus (find out more here)
  • Basket raffle
  • Sell candy bars
  • Holiday Bazaar in December (contact Student Activities)
  • 50/50 raffle
  • Baked Food Sales

*If you have other ideas or questions regarding what you can do for fundraising, contact the Student Activities Office at or 343-0055 x6261.

Fundraising Checklist

  • Have a plan of action for your fundraiser 
    • Who is helping get everything ready
    • Supplies you will need
    • Where you would like to have your fundraiser
    • A list of date/time options for your fundraiser
    • A sign up sheet for who can help out that day
  • Contact Anne Feary ( or 343-0055 x6401) to get your fundraiser scheduled on the campus calendar and to reserve the appropriate space.
  • Contact the Student Activities office and if you have any other questions or need assistance.
  • Deposit the funds received from the fundraiser into your club's 100 account via the Student Activities Office.

Note: Please keep track of fundraising ideas and events for submission to SGA at budget time.

Club Fair

The Club Fair is an excellent opportunity for all clubs and organizations to tell the GCC community what they are all about and to encourage new members to join.  Each Club Fair has a specific theme and clubs and organizations' decorate their displays accordingly to win their group a prize.  This event is held each semester in the third week of classes in the Forum on the Main Campus.

Tips for a Successful Table:
  • use a tablecloth or banner for your table
  • bring signs with your group name and logo
  • have posters, videotapes, pictures or memorabilia of past events for others to see
  • bring brochures/handouts describing your group for students to take with them
  • list of meeting dates and places for the semester to handout
  • have the date/time/meeting place for an information session for potential new members
  • make a sign-up sheet for prospective members (so you can send a follow-up note after the fair)
  • be sure there is a friendly, knowledgeable group representative who can staff the table and highlight your group in a positive, outgoing manner
  • create a creative attention getter (anyone walking by could be a potential member!)

*NOTE:  The Club Fair is not to be used for any fundraising purposes.

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