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Campus Activities Board

Also known as CAB, the Campus Activities Board works closely with the Student Advisory Board (SAB) in planning, funding, and executing activities on campus. We also sponsor a variety of fun-filled events for the college community to attend each semester.

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CAB meets the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5pm in Room S103 - all are welcome to attend to discuss upcoming events, entertainers to invite to campus, and brainstorm new activities for the campus community to participate in.


CAB sponsors several special event programs throughout the academic year, including Fall Fest, Spring Fest, Up All Nite, Breakfast with Santa, and more! Check the Event Calendar for all of our upcoming events!

We also sponsor three hallmark programs, which occur regularly throughout the academic year:

Lunchtime Live

Our Lunchtime Live program hosts professional comedians, musicians, magicians, hypnotists, or novelty groups monthly during the academic year.

All students are invited to enjoy the live (and most always FREE) entertainment, which is held in the Student Union from 12-4 on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Dinner and a Movie

On the second Wednesday of each month, CAB sponsors a free “dinner and a movie” night in the Student Union. The selected movies usually correspond with a theme of the month, as does the meal that is served “buffet-style” during the viewing. 

All students wishing to participate in the dinner must sign up for the event ahead of time in the Student Activities Office at the Batavia Campus.

3rd Thursday @ GCC

On the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7pm, the Student Union will be host to performers from genres like comedy, music and spoken word poetry!  We will feature a different performer each month.  All students are welcome to join us for these free events!

Fall 2015 Line-up:
Thursday, September 17th - Nelly's Echo

He’s currently one of the main faces you’ll see on NBC’s “The Voice” – as he continues to soar on Christina’s team for the hit TV show. An accomplished singer-songwriter and guitarist Nelson Emokpae, also known as “Nelly”, originally hails from Nigeria, Africa. He has drawn on his multi-cultural background and experiences to tell his story in music and lyrics. His skillful blend of soul, reggae and blues coupled with infectious hook lines and tremendous vocal abilities transport the listener into the musical story being told. Nelson has been compared to the likes of Seal and Sting, with a little John Mayer thrown in as he mixes a little calypso, a little Afro-beat and a lot of soul into a winning and charming style that is always a crowd pleaser.

Thursday, October 15th - Odd?Rod

Odd?Rod inspires students to achieve their dreams, as students see someone that had nothing handed to him and earned everything by simply holding on to life.  His presentations are unique and personal, as the audience is encouraged to ask questions between poems. In addition to poetry, he gives leadership and motivational presentations.  Rod’s youth and old spirit allow him to connect with the seemingly unreachable student

Thursday, November 19th – Ashley Gavin

Ashley is a comedian, actor, writer, and plaid enthusiast from New York. She's a lesbian, a feminist, a vegetarian, and a bunch of other really gay things. Aside from being gay, she's an avid technologist and wonders why all the people on her tinder are men. Oh, and she wants to be your new best friend.