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Guest & Visitors Policy

Residents are able to invite visitors & guests to their apartment by following the policies for Day Visitors and Overnight Guests. All non-residents are required to stop at the safety office and register with a Safety Officer prior to entering any College Village building. Residents are responsible for staying with their guests/visitors at all times, the actions of their guests/visitors, and informing them of campus policies. All guests must have valid photo ID to register.

College Village Safety Officers also manage the sign-in and sign-out process for guests and visitors to the residence buildings. All Guests must:

  • Sign-in at the Safety Office FIRST upon arrival and again before leaving the property.
  • Get a visitor parking pass if needed.
  • Provide valid photo ID at sign-in and anytime asked by CV staff.
  • Failure to comply with any CV or GCC policies will result in being banned from CV property.