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Arts Submission Procedures

On an annual basis, Genesee Community College will present an advertised open-call to collect art applications for the purpose of scheduling events for the GCC Roz Steiner Gallery.  We look forward to working with local artists for the future exhibits that will be planned!

(If you are unable to see the panorama, you can view it online.)

Jury Procedure

The GCC Gallery Committee will jury the artwork and create a schedule of events for the Roz Steiner Gallery. The Gallery Advisory Committee and Kevin Hamilton will then approve the proposed schedule.  After the exhibit schedule has been approved, the Gallery Manager will send out acceptance letters and collect Gallery Contracts from the participating artists.  Exhibits dates will be confirmed and reserved when the artist hands-in the signed contract agreeing to the exhibition terms.

Quality of Artwork

  • must be professionally matted and framed / displayed; ready to hang
  • aesthetically show professional quality skills and techniques
  • conceptually show originality and creativity
  • artwork must fill the gallery space accordingly (single, duo or group exhibit) (view gallery dimensions)

Scheduling Goals

  • schedule a diversity of media and concepts within a year’s exhibition plan
  • offer students exhibit times for fine arts and digital arts
  • offer exhibit times for professional artists
  • offer exhibit times for community arts organizations that are prepared to exhibit high quality art at an age appropriate level (high school/college/ and adult group exhibits will be considered)

Our goal is to create a well-rounded exhibit schedule that meets the above requirements.

Gallery Submission

Please fill in the below form to submit artwork for consideration in our Gallery. All fields are required.

Contact Information
Exhibit Information

Where is your online portfolio where we may view samples of your work?

Exhibit proposal including size and number of pieces that will be displayed in the exhibit.

Electronic submissions are preferred, however, paper applications will be accepted. For information regarding non-electron submission, please contact the gallery at