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Past Exhibitions

Jan 28 – Feb 24, 2016 – Keeping Up Appearances: Site-Specific Installation by Ashley Blalock
Blalock fuses craft and fine art to create objects and site-specific installations inspired by everyday artifacts from the female domestic sphere. She uses the meditative process of crochet to explore themes of discomfort and coping mechanisms used to provide solace from the stress and trauma of modern life.
Nov 24 – Dec 18, 2015 – Of Niagara: Works from the Gerald Mead Collection
This exhibition features the work of artists who are current or former residents and/or educators in Niagara County.  Covering all media, the artwork ranges from an early 20th century watercolor by Raphael Beck, designer of the seal for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition, to a 2014 digital photograph by Joe Ziolkowski, current instructor of Photography at Genesee Community College.  Each work has been selected from the extensive collection of Gerald Mead, a noted Buffalo artist and collector.
Oct 8 – Nov 13, 2015 – Everything Flows: Paintings by Nate Hodge
Hodge uses art as a means to explore his observations through the temporality.  Delicate forms develop and dissolve midst the various layers of his work.  Applying the same principles, the last moments of each painting set the parameters for the beginning of the next, creating a continuous flow amongst each exhibited work.
Aug 27 – Sept 25, 2015 – Impromptu: Paintings by Jonathan Langfield
Langfield’s work carries on the great tradition of American Abstraction and combines it with graffiti.  The result is a painterly Impromptu.  The works are executed in the spirit of improvisation while utilizing the ideological framework of Modernism