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I think the ACE Program is wonderful because I can take college level courses in my own school.
Amber Durkee
Class of 2009 - Geneseo High SchoolAttending Grove City College, PA
I am glad to have been involved in ACE because it has helped me to earn college credits with my favorite teachers, while saving money.
Emily Liming
Class of 2010 - Cal-Mum High School
ACE Programs allowed me to experience first-hand what college courses would be like, while enjoying my senior year. I also got a head start on my program requirements in a very cost-effective manner.
Emily Voss
Class of 2007 - Fillmore Central High School
The ACE program was a great experience. It allowed me to save hundreds in college tuition. Also, my teachers did a wonderful job of teaching the material.
Ethan Morrissey
Class of 2010 - Perry High School
My experience with ACE has been both challenging and rewarding. I have strengthened my skills as a student and received a jump start on college by participating in ACE.
Jaclyn Leigh Kotula
Class of 2009 - Attica Senior High SchoolMajoring in Pharmacy at SUNY Buffalo
Our son, Thomas, graduated from Avon Central School on Saturday. He participated in GCC's ACE Program throughout high school. He registered for classes at Hilbert College today and will be a Forensics Science major. Imagine our amazement when we learned that thirty of his college credits from GCC will transfer. He has his core classes done and will be essentially be a college sophomore as a freshmen. We are thrilled!
Lynne, Tom, and Tommy Mignemi
ACE has given me a jumpstart in completing the introductory courses for college as well as given me experience in college rigor and coursework. I feel very prepared for college and would definitely recommend this program to other students.
Margaret Feldman
Class of 2010 - Lyndonville High School
It was a great experience that allowed me to dip my toes into a college-level curriculum while in a comfortable high school environment.
Mark Heath
Class of 2010 - Holley High School
I was completely satisfied with every ACE course I took. My favorite ACE class was Pre-calculus. I feel prepared to succeed in college-level Calculus classes.
Michael A. Terry
Class of 2009 - Livonia High School Majoring in Adolescent Education at SUNY Cortland
My sisters both took ACE programs in their junior and senior years of high school. Classes included Calc 1 & 2, Physics 1 & 2, Eng 101, Psychology 101 and Pre-calc. The majority of courses I have taken through ACE were taught by a certified instructor in a high school classroom. They provided a chance to experience a much higher level of education than would be available on the high school level.
Samuel Williams
Class of 2010 - Lima Christian High School
With ACE classes, I was able to get college credit with teachers and classmates I knew. It was a good learning setting.
Sarah Gray
Class of 2009 - Keshequa CentralMajoring in Music Education at Roberts Wesleyan College
The ACE Program has provided me with a rewarding experience which has not only given me a taste of college coursework, but has well prepared me for future endeavors.
Shaun Thomas Coller
Class of 2009 - Perry Central High SchoolMajoring in Aeronautical Engineering at Clarkson University