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Degree Programs

Genesee offers a comprehensive selection of over 60 academic programs of study designed to fill a wide variety of needs.

  • 100% of the program can be completed online
  • 75% or more of the program can be completed online
  • 50% or more of the program can be completed online
Program Degree Online
Accounting AAS 75%
Accounting AS 75%
Accounting CERT 75%
Administrative Assistant AAS 75%
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Studies AS 75%
Biotechnology AS
Business Administration AAS 100%
Business Administration AS 100%
Business Administration: Supply Chain Management AAS 100%
Child Care CERT
Communications and Media Arts AS 75%
Computer Information Systems AS 50%
Computer Repair CERT 50%
Computer Support and Operations AAS 50%
Computer Systems and Network Technologies AAS 50%
Computerized Drafting and Design AAS
Computerized Drafting and Design CERT
Criminal Justice AAS 100%
Criminal Justice AS 100%
Criminal Justice CERT 100%
Criminal Justice: Corrections Counseling AAS
Criminal Justice: Forensics AAS
Criminal Justice: Homeland Security AAS
Criminal Justice: Policing AAS
Deaf Studies CERT
Developmental Disabilities Studies CERT 50%
Digital Art AAS
Economic Crime Investigation AS 75%
Engineering Science AS
Entrepreneurship AAS 75%
Entrepreneurship CERT 100%
Environmental Studies AS
Fashion Business: E-Commerce AAS 50%
Fashion Business: Event Planning AAS 50%
Fashion Business: Fashion Design AAS
Fashion Business: Fashion Merchandising AAS 50%
Fine Arts AS 50%
Fitness and Recreation Management: Golf Management AAS
Fitness and Recreation Management: Personal Trainer AAS
Food Processing Technology AAS 50%
General Education CERT 100%
Gerontology CERT 50%
Health Studies CERT 75%
Help Desk Support CERT 50%
Hospitality Management CERT
Human Services AAS 50%
Human Services AS 50%
Individualized Studies AAS 100%
Liberal Arts and Science: General Studies AS 100%
Liberal Arts and Science: Humanities and Social Science AA 100%
Liberal Arts and Science: Math and Science AS
Liberal Arts and Science: Mathematics AS
Liberal Arts and Science: Sport Management Studies AS 50%
Liberal Arts and Science: Teacher Education Transfer AS 100%
Medical Administrative Assistant AAS 75%
Medical Office Assistant CERT 75%
Musical Theatre CERT
Natural Sciences: Biology AS
Natural Sciences: Chemistry AS
Natural Sciences: Environmental Biology AS
Natural Sciences: Individualized Concentration AS
Natural Sciences: Physics AS
Nursing AAS
Office Assistant CERT 50%
Paralegal Studies AAS
Physical Education Studies AS 50%
Physical Therapist Assistant AAS
Polysomnographic Technology AAS
Respiratory Care AAS
Sales and Customer Service CERT 100%
Teaching Assistant AAS 50%
Teaching Assistant CERT 100%
Theatre Arts AA 50%
Theatre Technology AAS
Tourism and Hospitality Management AAS 75%
Veterinary Technology AAS
Web Design AAS
Web Design CERT