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The Genesee Community College Foundation promotes philanthropy and volunteer support on behalf of Genesee Community College. Since its founding in 1986, the Foundation has assisted in the development of new student scholarship programs, a capital fundraising campaign culminating in the construction of the Conable Technology Building, the Wolcott J. Humphrey III Student Union and the College Village, amongst other initiatives.


Mission Statement

The Genesee Community College Foundation, through its leadership initiatives, collaborates with Genesee Community College in its efforts to promote academic excellence, accessibility to higher education, and economic vitality in the GLOW region.



The Genesee Community College Foundation has five goals:

  • Excellence - Recognize and encourage academic excellence at Genesee Community College, and provide financial support to academically talented students.
  • Access - Help provide a Genesee Community College education to all qualified students living in Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming counties, regardless of their ability to afford a college education.
  • Vitality - Promote the economic vitality and growth of industry in the region.
  • Involvement - Provide avenues for community involvement in the College.
  • Capital - Provide capital resources that foster superior education and service to students.

About The Foundation

To both fulfill the Mission Statement and meet the set goals, the Foundation:

  • Receives funds through the volunteer-driven annual fund raising campaign, special fund raising events, and through thoughtfully planned bequests and deferred gifts.
  • Manages funds through a conservative cash management and investment program.
  • Provides careful stewardship of funds and other assets through annual audited financial reports and communication with donors.
  • Disburses funds through a thoughtful planning process.

The Foundation serves three constituencies:

  • Genesee Community College by raising funds in support of needs and opportunities, and channeling those funds to Genesee Community College in the form of grants. This financial support helps enrich and transform the College each year.
  • The College's students by providing scholarships and other financial assistance to those who exhibit academic talent, critical unmet financial needs, or who show promise in careers critical to the region's economic well-being.
  • Our many supporters by providing expert guidance in charitable gift planning, and by offering opportunities for donors to establish their own named funds in support of cherished programs or causes.


Your gift strengthens GCC and brings the gift of education to our students. On their behalf, thank you!

Decide what you'd like to support.

By donating to the General Fund, you will help support all of the Foundation's priorities. This includes []. You may also choose to donate to a specific designated fund, helping to make a particular scholarship or program possible for GCC students. If you would like to establish a new designated fund, please contact us.

Decide how you'd like to make your gift.

  • Donate via check or money order, sent to:

Genesee Community College Foundation, Inc.
One College Road
Batavia, NY 14020

  • Make an online pledge.
  • Make a gift of securities.

To transfer securities held in certificate form, simply endorse the back of the certificate(s) to Genesee Community College Foundation, Inc. and send the certificate(s) to the Foundation by registered mail.

Your broker can arrange the transfer of certificates held in electronic form. If your broker needs assistance with the electronic routing codes, please contact us.

Gifts of other property, through a bequest or other long-term vehicle are also greatly appreciated.

Ongoing Special Appeals

Giving Gifts as Memorials
Memorial gifts are gratefully accepted from family and friends of people associated with the College.  A gift receipt is sent to the donor, and the deceased's family is sent an acknowledgment of the gift.

Giving Gifts to Commemorate Special Occasions
We frequently receive gifts to honor family and friends associated with the College on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Birthdays, Retirements or other occasions.
A gift receipt is sent to the donor, and the person honored is sent notification of the gift in his or her name with the appropriate special occasion greeting.

Giving Gifts to Veterans
Roger W. Triftshauser, DDS, Rear Admiral, United States Naval Reserve Dental Corps (Retired) leads an initiative to perpetuate an endowed Veterans’ Educational Scholarship Fund at Genesee Community College.  The Fund augments the federal veteran benefits to help veterans return to College to obtain vital job and career training.  “The scholarship is our way of thanking veterans for their dedicated service, while ensuring that our worthy and deserving men and women have the opportunity to complete a quality college education,” said Dr. Triftshauser.