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When I was growing up, most students progressed through their formal schooling in a very predictable way:  elementary school, followed by high school, and for a minority of high school graduates, college immediately followed high school graduation. For an even more select minority, graduate school followed college.

I have met students who began college at some point in the past, took a few years “off” to raise a child (or several), and then returned in search of a degree.

I have met men and women who took pride in the completion of successful careers, but returned to college in the hope of exciting new career challenges.

I have met veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan wishing to complete their education, longtime employees of regional businesses returning to college after suffering a layoff, grandparents eager to participate in college courses after years of anticipation.

All of these enthusiastic students have a message for us:  education can – and should – happen throughout our lives.

My hope is that every member of our community will make a commitment to lifelong education. We all have the ability to learn new things, and deep inside we all have the motivation and curiosity to learn. Whether you desire formal education in a classroom or informal education through books, media, or new experiences, I challenge you to seek new knowledge and skills.

James M. Sunser, Ed.D.
President, Genesee Community College


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In addition to the main campus in Batavia, GCC's outstanding services and award-winning faculty are available at six Campus Centers:

  • Albion
  • Arcade
  • Dansville
  • Lima
  • Medina
  • Warsaw

The Campus Centers are open from early morning through the evening. GCC's technology connects you to important resources such as the Alfred C. O'Connell Library, Student Services offices, Language Lab, as well as the dedicated faculty and staff throughout the College.

You have the option to attend courses at the campus center closest to your home or workplace, or "mix and match" courses at different locations to meet your personal needs and schedule.

Stop by and visit us today, and make the connection to your success.

Campus Center Conveniences

  • Affordable - about 80% of our students receive aid.
  • Obtain financial aid information and pay bills at any campus center.
  • Convenient, one-stop service with an easy application process.
  • Variety of classes - day, night or online!
  • Quality, caring instructors with experience in your degree program.
  • Small class sizes.
  • Meet new people from your community.
  • High-tech wireless classrooms and labs with computer support.
  • Extensive library services.
  • Ease of transferring to Bachelor's program.
  • Personalized academic advising.
  • Free tutoring and testing assistance.
  • Free textbook delivery to your campus center.
International Student Services
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Student Health Center
Student Health Center
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Campus Centers
Campus Centers

In addition to the main campus in Batavia, you will also have access to GCC's outstanding services and award-winning faculty at six convenient locations.

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