Conference Presenters:

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Blue Argo—This link will take you to a picture of Blue Argo presenting her paper. 

George Gaudette—To nothing, or everything: The Problem of the Abyss in John

                              Gardner’s Fiction**

Jeff Henderson—John Gardner and the Great Tradition:   Ruminations on Fictional Method**

Sandy Hiortdahl—In Thor’s Defense: A Discussion of On Moral Fiction**

Victor Lindsey—Dr. Johnson and Dr. Gardner On Nickel Mountain**

Robert Morace—Keynote: W(H)ITHER GARDNER STUDIES **

John Mulryan--Teacher On My Shoulder: John Gardner's Creative Writing Exercises**

Ron Nutter*—A Brief Discussion of His New Book on Gardner**

Mark Pedretti—based on his article "The Tragic Monster: Towards a Nietzschean Grendel"** (still being updated)

Lynn Perdue--May now be viewed but please note the introductory note regarding reproduction permission** (still being edited)

Jan Quackenbush—On Mickelsson's Ghosts (abstract to be posted)

Gerald Lee Ratliff—John Gardner’s Dramatic Vision of "Epic Community" in Grendel**

Liz Rosenberg--What's It Like to Live With a Genius?: Remembering John Gardner, and How He Worked **

Deborah Schwabach—John Gardner and His Sense of Place in the New York State Novels**

Susan Thornton—"Between a dare and an invitation" John Gardner's teaching at Bread Loaf.** (works as of 5/27/98)

Margie Williams—An Approach to Teaching October Light**

**indicates the actual conference paper or abstract has been posted.

updated on 30 June 1998

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