(coming soon--a series of four photos from 1982 taken by Joel Gardner)

A picture from about 1973 of John and Stuart Steiner, president of Genesee Community College

Two library cards from John's days at Alexander Central School--what he was reading

Here is the first of Joel's  photos--John at his typewriter

Picture of John in boy scout uniform(courtesy of Marge Cervone, Jim and Wanda Gardner)

John, Gilbert and ?? on first day of school (courtesy of Marge Cervone, Jim and Wanda Gardner)

Pictures of  John at age 5 (with his brother Gilbert) and at age 2 and at approximately 14 (photos courtesy of Jim and Wanda Gardner and Marge Cervone).

Picture of a younger John on his Harley (photo courtesy of Marge Cervone)

Picture of his parents--John Sr. and Priscilla--and Aunt Lucy on their mythical motorcycle*

Picture of the front of Devonhill, his parents' home* same house as it appeared in 1958

Picture of his parents' favorite chairs*

Devonhill -- the back*

Picture of John on Alexander High School soccer team (2nd from right, 1st row)

Picture of John in Alexander High School chorus (back row, 3rd from left)

Picture of John and his 8th grade class (discovered by Jan Quackenbush)

Pictures and playbill from Batavia High (which he attended only for his senior year)

Picture of John's house in Susquehanna, PA (taken in December 1997 by Jan Quackenbush)

Picture of John's house in Lanesboro, PA  (taken in February 1998 by Jan)--in jpg format

Site of John's accident (taken in February 1998 by Jan)--in jpg format

His gravestone (photo courtesy of Marge Cervone)--where is the quotation from?



*These photos are courtesy of Judy Sikora

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